pFind Studio: a computational solution for mass spectrometry-based proteomics


pTop is a software dedicated for the analysis of intact protein using mass spectrometry. It can support the complex data sets with ultra-modifications.

The main flow is shown below.

Supplemental Files

pTop is currently free to use. Download pTop.

You can see the manual under the install path or download from here

For the visualization of the top-down spectra, pLabel is included in the installation package.

System Requirements:

* .NET Framework 4.5 or later version

* Thermo MSFileReader


* After installation, you need to activate the software. Just fill in some registration information when you first launch pTop 1.0 and send them to to get the license file.

* If pTop expired, please redownload the software and reinstall it. Thanks for your support!

* If you have any problem, please email to:

Release notes

Update: 2016.06.07

1.2.0 released!

* The number of matched ions at N-terminal and C-terminal are reported.

* The intensity ratios of matched peaks at N-terminal and C-terminal are reported.

* The Bug on pConfig panel is fixed.

Update: 2016.02.20

* pTop 1.0.6 is currently free to use.