pFind Studio: a computational solution for mass spectrometry-based proteomics


pLabel is a mass spectral peak labeling software developed for proteomics research. Main Functions:

1. Supporting labeling a batch of spectra. Data and search result can be imported directly at the same time.

2. Supporting multiple formats of data type (dta, mgf, ms2) and results of multiple search engines (pFind, Mascot, SEQUEST).

3. Supporting ECD/ETD spectra labeling.

4. Supporting multiple AA sites, multiple types of modification.

5. Supporting a flexible way of labeling NLs (neutral losses).Users can self-define an NL with its molecular formula or mass.

6. Supporting statistical function.

7. Supporting spectra exporting to different formats of picture (jpg, bmp, tiff, png) in single or batch mode.

Supplemental Files

Release notes:

pLabel is available now! You can find the details about how to use this tool in the pLabel user guide. (15.01.05) (13.02.02)

--pLabel can export vectorgraph in this version.

pLabel (12.01.04)

--Isotope peaks can be recognized automatically.

--Some GUI bugs fixed. (10.12.27)

--This release includes a number of bug fixes and some GUI changes. (10.09.06)

--A new version of pLabel is available now.

--Added precursor mass deviation.

--Support "One Peak One Ion" mode.

--Added editable window for cross-linking reagent.

--Added "decimals" list.

--Fixed bug in loading file.

--m/z computation was wrong in status bar, this has been fixed.