pFind Studio: a computational solution for mass spectrometry-based proteomics


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pFind Studio 2.8 including pFind, pBuild, pLabel, pXtract, pParse, and pScan is available now. Access Downloads page to get them. pLink, pCluster, pNovo+, pMatch, and pQuant will be integrated into pFindStudio, but now they are standalone software tools.


pScan is a flexible tool that helps biologists to preprocess protein sequence databases in proteomics research. [more...]


pXtract creates .DTA .MGF and .MS2 input files directly from Thermo Scientific .raw LC-MS/MS data files. [more...]


pParse is a software tool dedicated to recalibrate the monoisotopic of precursors in MS/MS spectra datasets assigned by mass spectrometry. [more...]


pCluster is a software tool aiming at detecting protein modifications independent of sequence databases by tandem mass spectral clustering. [more...]


pFind is a search engine for peptide and protein identification via tandem mass spectrometry. [more...]


pNovo+ is a de novo peptide sequencing tool using complementary HCD and ETD tandem mass spectra. [more...]


pBuild is a tool that can compare several search engines' results and combine them together. The latest version, pBuild v2.0, can process the search results of pFind, SEQUEST and Mascot. [more...]


pMatch is a spectral library search tool, which is deliberately designed for the open search mode. [more...]


pQuant is a software tool for quantitative proteomics, evaluates the accuracy of caluculated peptide and protein ratios. [more...]


pLabel is a spectra labeling tool that can visualize the global- and local-view peptide-spectrum matches, given the results of pFind or any other search engines. pLabel can label both CID and ETD spectra, and implement the manual de novo sequencing. [more...]

pLink is a software tool dedicated for the analysis of chemically cross-linked proteins or protein complexes using mass spectrometry. [more...]


pTop is a software dedicated for the analysis of intact protein using mass spectrometry. It can support the complex data sets with ultra-modifications.[more...]


pAnno is a software dedicated for proteogenomics analysis.[more...]


pGlyco is a software dedicated for intact glycopeptide analysis.[more...]