Long Wu

Photo of Long WuMy name is Long Wu. I received my M.S. degree of Computer Applications Technology Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2014, and B.S. degree of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, in Harbin Institute of Technology in 2010. Currently I am a visiting student in pFind Group, Institute of Computing Technology.

I have been studying bioinformatics under the supervision of Prof. Si-Min He in pFind Group since 2010. In this group, I developed the pParse 2.0 software. pParse 2.0 is developed for detecting precursor monoisotopic peaks of MS/MS spectra. pParse 2.0 could correct the mis-assignment of 13C peaks and detect the co-eluting precursors. pParse 2.0 outperforms previous algorithms in recall, precision and speed.

If you have any quesion in pParse, please feel free to contact me.
Email: wulong@ict.ac.cn or wulongict@gmail.com

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2010 ~ 2014     University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
             Master's Degree of Computer Application Technology
             Develop algorithms to detect precursors in tandem mass spectra

2006 ~ 2010     Harbin Institute of Technology
             Bachelor's Degree of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics


2006         National Scholarship
2007         Outstanding Student
2007         People's Scholarship
2008         People's Scholarship
2009         People's Scholarship
2009         Honorable Mention in MCM/ICM Contest


Hao Chi, Hai-Feng Chen, Kun He, Long Wu, Bing Yang, Rui-Xiang Sun, Jian-Yun Liu, Wen-Feng Zeng, Chun-Qing Song, Si-Min He, Meng-Qiu Dong. pNovo+: De Novo Peptide Sequencing Using Complementary HCD and ETD Tandem Mass Spectra. Journal of Proteome Research. Feb 1, 2013.

Zuo-Fei Yuan, Long Wu, Chao Liu, Hao Chi, Sheng-Bo Fan, Kun Zhang, Wen-Feng Zeng, Rui-Xiang Sun, Si-Min He. Accurate Determination of Precursor Ions for Peptides in Large-scale Protein Identification. Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics. Aug 10, 2012.

Research Interest

Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Mathematics


C++, Python, Matlab

Favourite Books

1. Concrete Mathematics
2. The Emperor's New Mind
3. New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Reading Materials

1. Xiaolin Hu, Deep Learning, Communication of CAAI
2. Mankiw NG. My Rules of Thumb. The American Economist. 1994.
3. Strunk, W., Jr. and White, E.B. The Elements of Style. University of Washington. Course 572.

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