Chao LIU 刘超

Ph. D. / 博士

Assistant Researcher / 助理研究员

pFind Team / pFind团队

Center for Advanced Computing Research / 前瞻研究中心

Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences / 中国科学院计算技术研究所


Si-Min He: Professor, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Bioinformatics Group

Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

No.6 Zhongguancun South Road, Beijing, China, 100190

Phone: + 86 010-62600820


北京海淀区中关村科学院南路6号 中科院计算所 前瞻生物信息组 刘超



Quantitative proteomics. Wiki:

The aim of quantitative proteomics is to obtain quantitative information about all proteins in a sample.

Rather than just providing lists of proteins identified in a certain sample, quantitative proteomics yields information about differences between samples.

For example, this approach can be used to compare samples from healthy and diseased patients.

The methods for protein identification are identical to those used in general (i.e. qualitative) proteomics, but include quantification as an additional dimension.


2007-2014 Ph. D., Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2003-2007 Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Technology, Shandong University.


2012 Excellent Student Award by the institute director, ICT, CAS 中科院计算所所长优秀奖

2006 IBM Excellent Student Scholarship (only 80 students honored nationwide) IBM中国优秀学生奖学金

2006 Shandong University President Scholarship (the highest honor to students in the university) 山东大学校长奖学金

2006 Shandong University Software College Dean Scholarship (awarded every 3 years ) 山东大学计算机与软件学院院长奖学金(3年一评,并作为获奖代表发言)

2007 Shandong Province Excellent Graduate 山东省省级优秀毕业生

2005 NEC.soft Scholarship “NEC.soft”奖学金

2006 Meritorious Winner of the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling Certificate of Achievement (First Author) 美国大学生数学建模一等奖(第一作者)

2005 2nd Prize Winner of National Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Contest (First Author) 全国大学生数学建模国家二等奖(第一作者)

2006 Excellent Award Winner of Freescale Cup National Undergraduate Intelligent Vehicle Invitational Tournament “飞思卡尔杯”全国大学生智能车邀请赛优胜奖(第一作者)

2005 Excellent Award Winner of the Preliminary Contest of ACM International Undergraduate Program Designing Contest ACM全球大学生程序设计大赛(北京赛区)预赛优胜奖

2005 Shandong University Excellent Chinese Communist Youth League Cadre 山东大学校级优秀团干部

Awarded with Shandong University Excellent Student Scholarship in successive years 连年荣获 山东大学优秀学生奖学金

Awarded with Shandong University Excellent Student Cadre in successive years 连年荣获 山东大学校级优秀学生干部



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